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Who wouldn’t want to wear Konstantine Men’s Sport? This is a daring, masculine, adventurous, and rugged scent. Sensual and strong, it appeals to women who want a man to be a man and yet he is comfortable enough to wear it for himself.

It reflects his individuality whether he is outdoors: skiing, boating, sailing, golfing, skydiving, or on the sports field.  This incredibly masculine, sexy fragrance is sporty and exhilarating with an undertone of sumptuous, sensual, warmth. 

The modern urban cowboy who is comfortable in his masculinity and knows just how to hold a woman in his arms and make love to her, yet he is strong and secure in his decision-making to take the lead and not to fear intimacy or being close and personal. Women desire him. Men admire him. He wears Konstantine Men’s Sport.  Legends are made of him and Konstantine Men’s Sport – the only fragrance to reflect a man’s real persona- rugged, strong, adventurous, confident and sexy.

Konstantine Men's Sport
50 mL/1.7 oz and 100mL/3.4 oz. bottles are currently on BACK ORDER. However, you can still place your order and they will be shipped to you as soon as they are available. Prices include shipping and handling for all US orders, additional shipping and hadling will be applied to all international orders.